Online Escape Room. Where is our friend?

The day has come. Gabriel, Esteban, Abril and Sara have asked for holidays at work to visit their friend Angel, who works in a small town in Finland, in a courier company.

As early as they arrive, on a Saturday late afternoon, they celebrate the meeting having dinner in a restaurant. It had to be a quiet evening, because they were tired of the trip, and Angel had to take part in a ski competition on Monday. But the reunion was encouraged, cup after glass, until it became a memorrable night, worth remembering, for those who can…

It has been a tough awakening. From their hotel, Gabriel, Esteban, Abril and Sara start commenting on the night. The Whatsapp of the group is very active. The first pirctures of the party arrive. Everyone tries ro remember what happened and bring order to events, aided by the images. All but one, which gives no signs of live.

Angel does not answer the messages. Some people joke that he is too old for these jogs. After a couple of hours, they cannot locate him so, worried, they decide to investigate what might happened.

IMPORTANT: This escape room must be played as a team. Each team must have a minimum of four players. Not recommended more than eight players per team.

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