If you like riddles, you are lucky. Here is our escape room

The perfect online entertainment

Online Escape Rooms

This game is perfect to have a good time with your friends or family. Share the screen on a videocall, or just hang on a phone call to solve the riddles like a team. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and tests to overcome the challenge?

Buenaventura's treasure

A historian takes over the Buenaventura logbook, a Spanish galleon missing in the Pacific, without a trace, laden with gold. Determined to find the ship, she embarks on a journey on her yacht to Hawaii, with her husband and son.

The family is delighted, dreaming of a relaxed and fun holiday in surf paradise. Once there, however, they will have to deal with unforeseen situations.


At ILLA labs, an alarm has been activated. It was in the isolation chamber located inside Doctor Lago’s office.

That chamber is used to handle virus and other dangerous products. Danger has been conjured, but there is something weird on this.

It is your time to find out!

An escape room is a game in which logic and wit must be used to achieve a goal, which is usually to exit from a closed chamber. The room hides clues and riddles that must be solved in order to open the exit door. There is usually limited time to achieve it.

Online or virtual escape rooms attempt to offer an experience similar to that of physical rooms, at a much lower price (many are free). Although they lack the incentive of the physical closed room, they have the advantage that they can be played on the screen of any electronic device and anywhere. As in physical escape rooms, various tests need to be solved to achieve a goal, which depends on the story they rely on.

Lumi Pakele adds mystery to their online escape rooms. The games we offer combine two of our favorite elements: the riddles of the escape rooms and the intrigues of detective’s stories. During the tame, the user lives in the shoes of the researcher, who must solve the case that is raised.

We aim to create an emotional connection between people, with several objectives:  entertainment, learning, fun, collaboration, imagination… And for that, there is nothing better than a good story.

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