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Following the COVID19 pandemic, we were propelled towards new forms of entertainment, some of which are here to stay. Online escape rooms are a fun way to have a good time solving tests, riddles and searching for information on the web.

Of course. All our games can be played on any device, from mobiles to computers.

Buying one is enough. Simply, the other colleagues must use the same code to access. Up to 10 people per game can access.

Do not worry, all tests have two clues available. If that is not enough, you can always skip that test. Only a few points will be subtracted from the final score.

No, at Lumi Pakele we have put a lot of effort so that each of our escape rooms is different. Each one has a particular theme and totally different tests. Thus, you can play all our games without stopping having fun.

Not at all, our escape rooms are designed for all audiences. There are different levels, so make sure that the level of the game suits yours before you start.

Yes, there are two options. A personalized escape room for the occasion, adapted to the theme, or use an existing escape room of ours where you will be provided with access codes for all participants. In both cases, we can provide online support via chat.

Yes, we can set up a team competition with the group escape rooms that we already have available. Each team will make two different escape rooms and the score of both will be added in a final ranking to which only the participants will have access. The competition can be customized any way you like, as can the game login page.

Of course, and there are several customers who have already contracted our services. We develop escape rooms for birthdays, company events, schools, tourism, restaurants, etc.

We are a group of friends who share a love for escape rooms. We have decided to develop our own challenges, to bring you our creations. We hope you share them and enjoy a good time together.