Online Escape Room. Who is my boss?

Today is December 24th, early in the morning.

The five employees of the company “Rovaniemi Post”, based in a small Finnish village, held their company dinner the night before. What began as a pleasant and quiet dinner, was encouraged, drink after drink, until it became an epic night, worth remembering, for those who can…

It has been a rough sunrise. The Whatsapp of the group is very active. The first pictures of the party arrive. Everyone tries to remember what happened and bring events into order, with the help of the images they receive. All but one, who gives no signs of life.

Chief Niklaus does not answer the messages. Some people joke that he is too old for those jogs. After a couple of hours, they cannot reach him so his worried team mates decide to get together to find out what happened to him.

IMPORTANT: This escape room must be played as a team. Each team must have a minimum of four players. Not recommended more than eight players per team.

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