All you need to know to win an escape room

Search for clues, make sense of them and solve the problem. It seems simple, but many escape rooms increase the difficulty to squezze users’ capabilities to the fullest. At the end of the day, they are strategy, logic and skill games designed specifically to make us think while we live a team-themed adventure. Thus, groups of friends must be organized in the best possible way in order to reach the end of the game in the given time, which is often too short. But what exactly do you have to do to win an escape room?

Team organization

Bad or no communication is one of the main reasons teams lose. Not all members of the group are able to detect all the clues or solve the riddles, that is, it is impossible for a single person to be given all the disciplines necessary to solve the game. Maintaining fluid communication is essential to gradually discover what the adventure offers us. however, It must be done in a medium term: not too little, in case important information is lost, not excessively, since noise can be annoying when concentrating.

It is essential that the whole group know precisely when a new clue or solution is found. Confidence at this point also plays a relevant role. The more there is, the more facilities there will be for everyone to talk about each step that is being taken. However, it can become a double-edged sword and they may all speak at once and the result is lousy when you do not find out anything.

As in all friendships, the role of each person varies and this is essential to take advantage of in the game. That is, everyone has their own skills, for example, being good with numbers can help you solve puzzles with mathematical operations. Knowing each player’s weaknesses and strengths must be established before starting the adventure so that everyone is aware of the role they play in this teamwork. In stressful situations, much of the entourage may be lost and you may not know what to do, so it is recommended that you name a leader or spokesperson who carries the singing voice and guides the rest in difficult times.

Maximum attention to what happens

Finding clues is usually one of the best moments in the escape rooms. Adrenaline takes over the team and it seems that the solution is always just around the corner. However, it is necessary not to lose concentration in case the game becomes complicated and to have all the clues that we obtain located, in such a way that together we can build a clearer vision of what we have and what is missing.

The trend that some players have is not to stop throughout the game. The pressure to collect clues and take minimal steps sometimes acts as a barrier when it comes to solving puzzles. Also nerves, the desire to win or the tension of the moment are weaknesses that can cause us to lose the game. That is why, even though the stopwatch is against us, at some point we must stop for a few minutes to think and try to ensure that all things flow calmly to find the solution.

Search for common codes

Despite everything, escape rooms are made so that an average person can be able to solve it and do not need any specific knowledge to get to the end. That is why throughout the game you can see clues that we already know: eye-catching colors, common shapes or even something in Morse code or braille alphabet. In this case, in virtual escape rooms you will be just one click away from Google to solve the riddle.

Depending on the theme, many games include maps with coordinates or texts in which you have to look at the words highlighted in bold, those that start in capital letters, the first of each line, etc. Any coincidence between the words in the document can form a phrase or give us some idea of where we should continue.

Another step to avoid as far as possible is to play randomly. Not because a clue has worked out for us the first time, will they all work like this. So it is necessary know that the information is hidden and that it is just a matter of looking for it.

In the end, the main goal of a this type of games is the fun of the group. Everything else is geared towards fulfilling it. The entertainment offered by escape rooms will help users not get nervous and to remain calm for as long as possible, organizing and coordinating to get together to solve the final enigma.