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Keys to retaining talent in your company through team building

As Aristotle said thousands of years ago: “Man is a social being by nature”, referring to the social characteristic that develops throughout our lives when we need others to survive. However, this facet of ours has in recent months undergone certain changes that we do not yet know about the long-term consequences. Confinement, social distance or the simple use of the mask have transformed what seemed to be untouchable: the socialization of people. The key over the next few weeks is to strike a balance between adhering to the rules and not ending our ability to relate to others.

Beyond plans with friends, the business world has been one of the most affected by this new reality. Cafes, face-to-face meetings, visits to different departments have been truncated and replaced by telematic meetings through Zoom, Google Meet or BB Collaborate. Socializing is no longer the same and although it seems that there are still months ahead of teleworking, everything around us has changed, including us.

In the field of employment, so exposed to daily competition, motivation has become one of the most relevant ingredients when facing this transformation. In this way, the creativity, ideas and proposals that have been developed in recent months have reinforced the commitment of workers to the company, both in those cases where teleworking has been totally or partially maintained, and in teams made up of people who are located in different locations and cannot travel.

The truth is that one of the most repeated concerns in this field is how to achieveunity in the company, in teams or in different departments without having physical contact. The key is in online team building. The telematic version of the activities makes it possible to continue enjoying as a team, communication is fluid and the pride of belonging from a distance remains intact.

In addition to traditional team buildings, other types of tasks can be carried out such as online sessions on resilience, that is, how the company can come out of this situationstrengthened, sessions dedicated to mindfulness; sports activities, to escape the current situation and obtain some benefit for our mental and physical health; empathy and cooperation make team members feel understood and relieved in situations of uncertainty; stress is released and through the playful part we can disconnect and take the necessary energy.

If they had gone unnoticed before, today has given team activities the importance they needed, becoming a much-needed tool within companies and our daily lives.

Companies in coronavirus times

According to Outfinders, a Spanish company specializing in gamification techniques, with the aim of avoiding post-vaccination syndrome it is important that companies schedule safe team building actions capable of reuniting their team members. The current situation has meant a before and after for many workers who have come to rethink changing jobs.

The uncertainty is such that many companies fear large-scale disbandment among their senior officials over the widespread discontent generated by the crisis. In fact, 77% of management positions are considering a change of scene even in the current situation, according to the newspaper La Información, which shows the lack of talent retention policies or a compelling medium- or long-term plan that currently exists in Spain.

Arriving at a new job the middle of a pandemic in which there is no physical contact is as cold and strange as possible. That is why carrying out team building activities is one of the best options for the employee to feel gradually part of the company. Escape rooms are one of the best to reinforce teamwork, enhance communication, create links beyond the workplace, retain talent in teleworking and get to know the new member more.

From LumiPakele we offer the possibility of creating customized escape rooms for each situation, developing ingenuity and enhancing social skills through association tests, enigmas or riddles. The return to the office with its mid-morning cafes is still far from happening, but mean while we can find moments of unity with a touch of fun suitable for everyone.