Team Building elevated to the maximum power with escape rooms

Competition is one of the most prominent factors of companies today. In a world of work as changing as the one we are experiencing today, the struggle to position itself at its best in the market is constant. To achieve this it is necessary to have a team that is constant, whose skills are coordinated with the demands and their motivation does not diminish at any time. Everything that is externalized in a business has its origin inside it and that is precisely why for some time many companies have been focused on getting the best out of each team. How do they do it? Through Team  Building.

What is Team Building?

As its own name suggests, team building is the process of building equipment through a series of activities aimed at achieving a goal: to improve the performance of a particular team. Thus, we will be able to reinforce the weaknesses and bring to excellence all the competencies that benefit the company. This term so fashionable these last years was born from the hand of the father of human resources, Elton Mayo, in the first half of the last century. Following a series of investigations, Mayo concluded that a worker will be less efficient if he does not feel at ease in his work environment, if he does not maintain good interpersonal relationships with his peers or if he feels that his work is not appreciated.

Improving skills, teamwork, leadership skills or communication are key pillars so that within the company workers can grow both personally and professionally. That is why in recent years, Team Building has become an ideal tool for achieving business and professional goals, through deepening the knowledge so necessary in the day-to-day life of a company. In short, there are five elements that are the key pillar of this new fashion: observing, thinking, sharing, acting and feeling.

Before performing any type of activity of this type, it is necessary to analyze internally the situation of the company. This is where the human resources department will need to identify potential problems and establish motivational strategies. The actions must be aligned with the objectives of the company and that is when you can opt for such inclusive strategies.

Team Building Benefits

This new approach is often developed through playful activities to improve interpersonal relationships, promote proactivity within team members, develop the ability to solve problems in complicated situations, formulate concrete objectives within such situations, or promote an appreciation of each group’s role in resolving the conflict. The ultimate goal is to increase the productivity and value of the company.

Some of the benefits that are obtained through this practice are:

  • Working on participants’ motivation
  • Improving ideas and decision-making
  • Increase workers’ commitment to the company
  • Opportunity to implement new ideas
  • Show strengths and compensate for individual weaknesses
  • Working stress
  • Encouraging communication between members
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In addition to being an essential work at the internal level of the company, this type of dynamics make the outside image of the company grow. Concern for the well-being of employees and the organization of playful activities to work with such concern are an important element of attraction for talent.

Without a doubt, having a team that has all these qualities would be a dream come true. To be able to achieve this, it is necessary to choose the type of Team Building that can reinforce all the deficiencies and the best way to be able to do it is through the escape rooms.

Team Building in escape rooms

What better way to enhance all the capabilities of our team than by going to an escape room in which the bonds between the workers can be improved and there is a full growth of the whole workforce. These types of activities are considered fun and entertaining and it is just these characteristics that make workers more open to trying new ways of working, finding creative solutions and feeling comfortable while improving as a team. Thus, escape rooms  have become one of the most claimed activities that companies perform for Team Building events. Teams need to fine-line critical thinking and further enhance problem-solving skills in the face of intriguing stories and themes that motivate players to become thoroughly involved in escaping or fulfilling the mission.

In this sense, the different scenarios offer players multiple opportunities to develop their leadership skills, establish action plans and organize a correct task sharing. Escaping a closed room requires the collaboration of all team members, a mission that is similar to the reality of the world of work: without joint work the company will not achieve its goals. The key to the development of the activity is to strike a perfect balance between leading and following orders. This will force the team to listen to everyone’s ideas, so that the whole team feels fully integrated into the development of the task.