Buenaventura’s treasure

A well-off family enjoys a well-deserved vacation off the coast of Hawaii, aboard his yacht. He is a businessman, director of a major investment fund. Several incorrect decisions made in recent months have caused high loses to important customers. That is why he decided to take a few days off with his family.

The woman is a historian, passionate about ancient navigation and piracy. He loves to collect all kinds of instruments and navigation tools: compasses, nautical charts, sextants, etc. His last acquisition is a logbook, which belonged to Buenaventura, a 17th-century Spanish galleon dedicated to transporting gold collected in the Pacific coast of the American colonies to Spain. A real gem!

According to certain historians, Buenaventura disappeared with a good shipment of gold, after completing the collection journey along the west coast of Mexico and embarking on the return to Spain. He was last sighted at Zihuatanejo’s height. Two days after leaving this port, the captain wrote down the on-board diary that most of the crew were ill, affected by a contagious epidemic for which they found no remedy. Because of this, they decided to head west, with the intention of sinking the ship and thus preventing the spread of the disease. But not everyone died. Six crew members managed to heal miraculously. After several days of sailing, they spotted an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They decided to sink the galleon in the vicinity of an island and unload the gold using the auxiliary boat.


  • Estimated time: 60 minutes
  • Difficulty: 4 over 5
  • Online Escape Room Online: internet connection required
  • Needed Material: paper and pen
  • The objective of the game is to finish as soon as posible