Missing in the train

You are a private detective who returns home by train after presenting a client with the report of the last case you have been working on, successfully resolved.

Shortly before 2pm, you approach the cafeteria, for a snack before lunch. There, you meet Luis, math genius, security software designer and billionaire. He tells you he is coming back from a congress of mathematicians, like some other train passengers. After chatting for a while, you return to your respective carriages, to eat and rest for a while. The journey is long. You both date for a drink before dinner.

It is nine o’clock at night, you have been in the cafeteria for an hour, and Luis does not show up. You decide to approach his private car in case he fell asleep. When you arrive, you find the door open. There is no one inside. There is blood on the floor, by the table. What happened? Where is Luis? Will he be hurt?

The train has not made any stops. No one has gone up or down. He must be inside. You are not working, but a detective like you cannot let a case like that go by.


  • Estimated time: 60-90 minutes
  • Dificulty: 4/5
  • Required material: pen and paper
  • The game is not linear, you have to move through the different scenarios to be able to solve the mystery.