You have saved Christmas!

You have managed to open the office door!
As you enter, on the table and among mountains of letters and papers, is Niklaus. You can hear his snoring as if it were a Boeing taking off. He had fallen asleep! It looks like, for some, the night was longer than for others.

Once awake, and after a well-loaded coffee and ibuprofen, Niklaus explains to his mates that he had met his best friend and although it was not on his plans to leave so late, he could not refuse the offer.

“One night is a night, but instead of coming home I thought it would be a great idea to get ahead of work for today. I see that time was poured on me. There is barely a couple of hours left to get out!”

After breathing relieved, some laughter and teaching that it is not good to mix party with work, Niklaus manages to get out just in time. That said, it may not have been the best nap of his life.
It has been a great company dinner and a great time trial adventure. Congratulations, Christmas is saved!
Santa Claus manages to hand out the presents on time. This 2020 is not going to end so badly, after all.

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