Why did we launch our own escape room? We spoke at COPE

Lumi Pakele interview in COPE

Riddles, tests, puzzles, games, in short, entertainment is what was sought in the house confinement that citizens had to face with the arrival of the pandemic last March. The members of Lumi Pakele, friends since childhood, embarked on an adventure with a clear objective: that the long hours of confinement were passed in the best possible way and so this project was born. Thanks to their knowledge, these four friends set out to create their own website and design their escape rooms. That is how Lumi Pakele was born on April 9th 2020.

There are currently two games available for free: “Illa Labs“, in which users will have to investigate what is happening in Dr. Lago’s office; and “Buenaventura’s treasure” where participants will have to deal with a number of unforeseen situations and help a historian find a missing Spanish galleon in the Pacific. Throughout the games there are different tests, with clues available for those who need them.

From Lumi Pakele they are constantly adapting to the needs of society and, seeing that one of the areas that demanded the most this type of activities was the business world, they have already developed several custom escape  rooms.  In the long term, one of the uses in which these activities can lead is in the recruitment of staff. That is, depending on the different answers that the candidate gives throughout the game, a psychological analysis can be done to see if he can fit into the indicated position. Finally, they are studying how to integrate these activities into education, do you think it is possible? Click on the logo and listen to the interview to find out! (Sorry it is in Spanish).