Purchase terms

Version 1.0, updated February 14, 2021


This Terms of Purchase explains how the purchase process works on the website https://lumipakele.com, owned by María Luisa Seara Cerdeiras. The tax details of the owner can be found in the Legal Notice.

Direct purchase

Buying at https://lumipakele.com is very easy. The user must choose the game for which he wants to purchase the access code by pressing the corresponding button, which can display the text BUY, or a similar one (with the price).

Access codes can only be purchased directly for any games in which the “Access Code Purchase” form is displayed.

All the data requested in the purchase form are mandatory. They will only be used for the purchase process:

  • Email: This is the email to which the access code for the purchased game will be sent. The user must ensure that it is correct.
  • Credit card details: number, expiration date and security code (CVC), are essential to make the payment.

Any credit or debit card valid in Spain is accepted.

The form in which the data is entered is arengu (https://www.arengu.com). Payment is made through the stripe secure payment gateway (https://stripe.com).

Card data is not stored neither at https://lumipakele.com nor at https://www.arengu.com. They are directly sent to stripe, in encrypted form (SSL), which is the one who manages them.

The credit card issuing company used by the user to make the payment may perform security checks during the purchase process to guarantee the identity of the person making the purchase.

By pressing the “MANAGE PAYMENT” button, the payment is confirmed, and the purchase process is completed. A few seconds later, the user will receive in the provided email account the access code that they will have to enter on the game page to play.

The purchased code entitles the user to play a single game of the game for which they purchased the code. That right expires after 3 months. Once the code is entered and the game is started (by pressing the SEND button) the user must not change device nor browser.

mailto:[email protected] once the purchase process is complete the user does not receive the access code, or has any problems using it, he should contact the owner of the website, sending an email to [email protected].

The prices shown on the website are always in euros (€), with taxes included (VAT). If the user wishes to receive an invoice, they can request it by sending an email to [email protected], indicating the invoice type (simplified or normal). If a normal invoice is requested, the user must include in the mail all their tax data (name, VAT No, address). The data provided will only be used to issue the invoice for the service, as explained in our Personal Data Protection Policy.

The owner reserves the right to modify the prices and payment methods, reflecting this change in these Terms of Purchase. She also reserves the right to refuse a payment without completing the purchase if the game for which the code is purchased or its sale price was published in error.

Buying games not directly sold

For all other games for sale, which cannot be purchased directly on the website, a contact form is offered. In these cases, upon receipt of the data entered in the form, the owner will contact the potential buyer, to inform him personally of the conditions of sale (price, method and method of payment). If the buyer accepts the conditions, the purchase process will be carried out manually, by mutual agreement between both parties.

Right to dismiss. Returns

The regulations in force applicable to services marketed through this website provide for them as an exception to the rule on the right of withdrawal, as they are digital products.

This implies that once the purchase of any of the products offered has been completed, it will be finalized. There is no possibility of withdrawal.

It is also not possible to make returns or request refunds.